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IDCEC- and AIA-approved Continuing Education Classes


Vinyl—architects and designers benefit from learning more about this versatile material—from its manufacturing process to its innovative uses in building applications.

This in-person, 60-minute presentation and discussion includes samples of innovative vinyl applications. For groups of 25 or more.
We offer several on-demand continuing education classes for design professionals who need flexibility in their schedule.
Throughout the year we’ll host webinars to bring large gatherings of design professionals together.
On Demand CEU
Vinyl: A Modern Material for Modern Healthcare

This CEU provides an overview of the chemistry of vinyl with a focus on the attributes of vinyl products and their role in sustainable healthcare design. It also features a discussion of the innovative uses of vinyl that help provide solutions for future healthcare design challenges. Click here to begin.

On Demand CEU
Understanding Chemistry in Building and Construction

This CEU provides an understanding of materials science, building science, and chemical engineering, and how these fields help provide a safer, healthier, more comfortable living environment. Click here to begin.

On Demand CEU
Understanding Hazard, Exposure and Risk in the Built Environment

This CEU provides an understanding of the differences between hazard, exposure, risk, and danger – and both the importance of considering product use and exposure and the limitations of using a hazard-only decision-making process when selecting building materials. Click here to begin.

On Demand CEU
Vinyl: Building a Sustainable Future

This CEU demonstrates the importance of achieving client performance goals using thoughtful, multi-attribute material selection criteria. It also showcases vinyl'smajor role in the design and construction of modern buildings, and its contributions to sustainability, wellness and resilience of people and their communities. Click here to begin.